Preschool Blind Date

Making friends when you get older is hard. Making friends as a mama is super hard because it’s not just about whether you click or not, there are little people involved who now play a role in the relationship dynamics m. 

When we realized that my oldest child, BW, had a Speech Delay, one of the things that immediately crossed my mind was “Will he be able to make friends?”. My heart was sad and I was fearful that kids (and adults) wouldn’t be able to understand him, that they would make fun of him, and not want to play with him. 

When we started Early Intervention services and saw great success, he was able to practice his verbal skills to start making friends, as well as toddlers can do😉.  These fears started to disappear a little. Not fears that kept me up at night, just mom fears because you want the best for your kid. 

When he turned 3 at the beginning of this month, EI services ended and he started pre-school. The fears returned. He is a sweet and fun boy and I wanted his peers to see this and want to be around him. I wanted him to learn how to be a friend and start to build those relationships without mommy having to start them. His teacher’s told me that he has done a nice job of introducing himself to his classmates, so his confidence in that area definitely makes me proud. 

Well, last week, I received an email from a classmate’s mom saying that her son, J Bird, can’t stop talking about BW and wanted to see if we could do a play date. I got flashbacks to online dating. Someone I didn’t know much about wanting to get together, this time was for the interest of my son though so it was obviously a bit different. It was nice because I was talking to BW the day before about who he plays with at school and who he was friends with and he mentioned J Bird, so it’s nice the feelings are mutual. 

Happy mom heart❤

Well, today is the Preschool Blind Date as I’m calling it and truth be told, I’m a little nervous. I’ve never had a play date like this before. I went to a bunch of group play dates that the amazing mom community had when we lived in CT but I knew at least a few of them, after the first one. 

I am just hoping the boys get along as well here as they do at school and J Bird’s mama and I have some things in common and it’s not awkward. 


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