Own your Awesome Self 

“Imperfections are attractive when their owners are happy with them”-Augusten Burroughs

Gosh, another Shine text to nail it on the head. A few weeks ago, I signed up for Shine texts, a positive way to get a quick dose of personal development to your phone or inbox every week day. They have been so on point lately that I can’t help but share them. 

This quote by Augusten Burroughs speaks true. I have learned, through practice, to embrace my flaws and imperfections over the years, both physical and personality. As a mom, I find it hard be the mom I set out to be. I feel I am honest and true to how I want to present myself most of the time but one thing I said that I would be super mindful of was yelling. I grew up in a house with lots of yelling and while I had a great childhood, that is one thing that stands out in my head. This being said, I try really hard to take more of a therapeutic approach and not yell. But when patience runs lows and the days are long, I resort to yelling when little listening ears are no where to be found. 

Well, some days are WAY harder than others. I tend to beat myself up after those days or situations even though I know I shouldn’t because I am only human and not perfect.  I’m learning to accept these “imperfections” of lack of patience and know that as long as I continue to be mindful, that I will tackle this imperfection, it will get better and I will more align with my goals. Not saying that’s my only imperfection by any means but it’s the first personality one to pop up when I say this quote. 
Physical imperfections have been a little easier to embrace than personality for me as an adult, who woulda thunk. 

I took this picture with my ginger baby today and my eyes immediately shot to the birth mark in my armpit instead of my beautiful smile and my sweet baby. Why are we trained that way ? I thankfully no longer care too much about the birth mark in my armpit or the triple nipple I have (something that embarrassed me for so long and made me wonder if I would ever find someone to marry me-shallow I know), even though it was somewhat odd when it lactated for most of the first 9 months of Bree’s life haha, but why is “my imperfection” the first thing I saw in this picture even though I’ve embraced it?!?

It’s taken me a lot of years of my life to embrace what made me self-conscious for so many years that I hope I can help my children learn at an early age to love themselves for who they are, pretty and ugly, flaws and strengths. 

And for the record, she likes being upside down even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture 😉


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