April Babies are Amazing

My favorite month is upon us-my birthday and anniversary month! It also will be one year since we had to rehome our fur babies so with that coming up my heart is still sad even it was for the best for all. I’ll talk about that more next week 😭

I will be 35 this month and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful. While life is far from perfect, I am thankful and blessed to have a wonderful husband and two healthy and happy babies. This is something that I would never have thought would have happened 10 years ago. I was having a mid-life crisis when I was about to turn 25. I thought that at that point of my life that I would have been “a lot further along” and I felt like a failure but hindsight, oh wonderful hindsight shows that I needed to go and grow through that all in order to be exactly where I needed to. To think of how far I’ve come in 10 years is quite amazing. I left a very secure job, one that would have set me up for life, to pursue my passion of helping others through teaching, found my worth by myself and not through someone’s value, got my masters, met my husband and we started a family. It wasn’t a smooth road but I am here. 

One thing that I did when I was “finding myself” was volunteering. As my babies continue to grow (😭🤗) and become more independent, I want to start volunteering again and do more to help others. It’s hard right now with my hubby’s work schedule and their dependency but I discovered a fun project that I’m going to complete before my birthday, to start with the volunteering and giving mindset. 

Twice this week I went for a run and then a walk in our neighborhood and I came across these inspirational stones. My plan is to create 35 inspirational and positive stones to pay it forward. I will keep you posted and I invite you to join me in creating inspirational stones and placing them in places to bring a smile to people’s faces like mine when I saw them. 


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