Because of you, I will always have a friend. 

One of the best things about being a mother these days is watching my littles develop their relationship. It’s fun to watch Bree light up when she sees her brother and for Bear to check on Bree when she’s overtired or crying because I am in the shower. I get caught up watching their interactions sometimes  and it brings me pure joy. Their affection towards one another makes me smile and really hope that they will always enjoy each other’s company. I know I mentioned this before but this is one of my main goals as a mother is for them to always be there for one another and have a friend for life, someone to rely on through good and bad times. 

I am a middle child and have three brothers. And while we all live very different lives and are across the country from each other, our love and caring for one another is strong. We don’t talk often and sometimes get caught up in our lives but I know if I called each of them and needed them, they would get to me as fast as they could. As I would for them. I wish we were more apart of each other’s daily lives but will settle for the few times a year we see each other. 


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