To the white hairs in my eyebrows….

I used to pluck these hairs at the very first sight. To avoid the acknowledgment of stress or aging. Thankfully they do not surface often but with the chaos of the last month or so of moving, rambunctious toddlers, and some tough adulting decisions, they have showed up to join the show. I stare at them every time I look into the mirror and I am reminded that life is not always easy. 

That plucking the hairs will not take away the stress, give me more sleep, allow my children to listen more, or have my bank account match my enormous debt. It’s a reminder that I am alive and living. That I am fortunate to have to healthy and energetic babies who give me a run for my money from before the sun rises until after the sunsets and most day all around the clock. It is a reminder that I am tired but have more than many pray for. It’s a reminder that one day my beautiful, luscious red locks will be all white and my children will not be as needy  as they are now and a lot of our current stressors will be resolved and I will not have the option to pluck them. So today I keep them to reflect and remind myself that this season of life won’t last forever. 


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